Agricola Jandelle LTDA – Big Frango

Agricola Jandelle LTDA Big Frango is a reputed Manufacturer and Supplier of Frozen Chicken, functional in Middle East, Africa, Europe, Asia and Oceanic states.

Frozen Chicken Cartilage

Frozen Chicken Cartilage is one of the best appetizers and goes well as snacks and with drinks. Our range of poultry products also includes Frozen Chicken Cartilage. This particular range includes Frozen Chicken Breast Cartilage and Frozen Chicken Knee Cartilage.

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Frozen Chicken Breast Cartilage

You can always trust our poultry products as we provide 100% fresh products. With 32 years of marketing experience we have been able to please our associates as we provide fresh frozen products that are clean and hygienic, well dressed, without foul smells etc.


Frozen Chicken Knee Cartilage

Our Company has always managed to provide our associates and customers with superior quality frozen poultry products all the way from Brazil. Since 1983 our company has always been able to satisfy our customers without giving them a chance for complaints.